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The Inspiration of Mifrasim

Over the past few months as I met with Mr. Abramovitz and began planning for next year, the song Shiri Li Kinneret kept on playing my mind.  It is a song I remember singing and dancing to at summer camp, but I had never really thought that much about its lyrics until this summer. One day, after finding myself humming the tune for the 100th time, I decided to look up the words.

I found out that Shiri Li Kinneret is an ode to the Kinneret, the Sea of Galilee. It was written in 1982 following the Israeli government’s annexation of the Golan Heights the year before. The lyrics paint a majestic scene. There are images of the beautiful horizon, flocks of birds singing, and soldiers standing guard. Yet, the image that had the greatest impact on me was that of the sailboat on the water.

הדוגית עודנה שטה, מפרשה מלבין בחוף The little boat sails with its white sail

As I thought about the image of the sailboat, I understood why it was so meaningful to me. Sails, mifrasim, rep…